Since 2014 the Trust has had a partnership with "Meet Your Neighbours"(MYN) a photographic initiative founded in 2009 to promote local wildlife and biodiversity.  Meet Your Neighbours dignifies common species by giving them "celebrity treatment" photographing them on location with a "field studio" so as not to disturb the habitat.

MYN images have an instantly recognisable look: a brilliantly-lit white background removes the context, encouraging appreciation of the subject as an individual rather than a species.  This is conservation photography at the grass roots level, asking people to care about their own natural heritage, where they live and showing them how extraordinary it is in a novel way.  You can see images made using this technique on the principal MYN Facebook site and via the social media links on this page. 

This ethos chimes directly with the Trust’s aim to reconnect the people of Suffolk with its native flora, and to encourage the survival of habitats with active conservation.  Members and their Associates photograph as many floral species as possible on our reserves throughout the year, using the MYN technique, to provide a seasonal perspective on the biodiversity found at Simpson’s Fromus Valley and Orchid Glade.  You will find our images in our Meet Your Neighbours gallery and many of them find their way into the relevant Fromus Valley seasonal or the Orchid Glade Visuals galleries too.

If you enjoy the images and would like to contribute to the work of SFPT you can get involved, or just buy your favourite image to display on the wall, and share your enthusiasm with friends and family.  For purchases, please visit our Photography Project & Sales page.